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Meals on Wheels South Florida is excited to announce a partnership with Chefs For Seniors, an innovative service that places a professional chef in the home to prepare a week’s worth of customized, fresh meals.  The partnership will provide funding for Meals on Wheels South Florida and a new meal option for seniors in South Florida.

Chefs For Seniors expanded its operations to Broward and Palm Beach counties in July 2016.  The company’s local professional chefs prepare affordable meals for the week in the home using the freshest ingredients, while offering a fun interactive experience.  Chefs use their creativity to help select options that are both healthy and catered to individual tastes.

“We’ve been able to help people in other communities for the last 4 years, and we’re excited to get started with Meals on Wheels South Florida. This partnership will allow both of our organizations to serve a wider demographic of people looking to maintain their independence and improve their well-being through proper nutrition,” says co-founder Nathan Allman.

For more information contact Nathan Allman, COO and co-founder of Chefs For Seniors, at or Mark Adler, Executive Director of Meals on Wheels South Florida, at

Learn more or sign up at:

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